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Kentucky Audiology & Tinnitus Services
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 (859) 554-5384
Are you bothered by sounds others don't notice?You do not have to "learn to live with it"!
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Hearing Aids Lexington KY

Hearing loss is never easy! At Kentucky Audiology & Tinnitus Services, we create relief options for those experiencing tinnitus, sound sensitivity issues, and hearing loss. With a full range of services to meet the needs of persons who experience sound sensitivity, we have most hearing loss individuals covered. Our hearing aids are designed based on the individual and are designed to work in a much more personalized way than "Costco" hearing aids do. These hearing aids also come with a free demo. We believe that those who have difficulty hearing should test out their options in noisy situations before they spend money on any solution. For your free demo, please call us to set up an appointment.

Stop "Living With It"

You do not have to "learn to live with it"! People who have tinnitus are often told that they have to get used to the constant ring in their ears, but they absolutely do not have to get used to it! There are hearing aid options available for people just like them, which improve their ability to enjoy spending time in noisy environments. There have also been numerous advances in recent decades that have allowed audiologists to provide relief options to these patients. Here at Kentucky Audiology & Tinnitus Services, we use Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) to give you lasting relief from tinnitus symptoms. TRT has been demonstrated to be 80% effective for habituation or reaction and perception of tinnitus. In addition to treating tinnitus, we also handle other sound sensitivity disorders like misophonia and hyperacusis. 

Kentucky Audiology & Tinnitus Services is owned and operated by Dr. Ann L. Rhoten (AKA, Annie), Doctor of Audiology, and a native of Lexington, KY. Dr. Rhoten is interested in helping patients end the isolation they experience from hearing loss, tinnitus or sound sensitivity issues. People accredit her for her ability to be personable. She understands that helping patients hear, means their ability to communicate effectively for a full life.

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Our hearing clinic provides quality services to those who need hearing aids and tinnitus services. We want to give each person a unique and personal experience, so they feel welcomed and happy at each appointment! Our 1517 Nicholasville Rd, Ste 202 office feels like home, so we encourage you to call (859) 554-5384 to schedule an appointment. 


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